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About Fuller Brush:

Alfred Fuller's Motto is the standard we follow today:

Design it to work.
Craft it to last.
Guarantee it - no matter what.

The Fuller Brush Company has been manufacturing hairbrushes and cleaning supplies since 1906. They have prospered doing so, because they have always made high quality products and sold them at a fair price. Most importantly, every single one of their more than 300 products has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Safety and environmental cleanliness are critical issues to Fuller - especially in our modern, highly industrialized age.


Home care has come a long way since New Year's Day in 1906 when a 21-year-old country boy named Alfred Fuller set up shop in his sister's New England basement and made his first brush. To Mr. Fuller, brushes weren't merely cleaners, but "specialized tools obtainable nowhere else".

Soon there were more customers than there was time to deliver, so young Alfred Fuller ran a $10 ad in a popular national periodical. Within a month, Fuller recalled, "We had two hundred and sixty dealers and a nationwide business"

Over the years, Fuller Brush has grown from one man's fiber suitcase filled with custom-made brushes to an exciting collection of over 300 home care products, all made with the same quality and precision craftsmanship that made Fuller Brush a famous household name.

Alfred Fuller had a mission: to save homemakers hard work and help them get better results by giving them better brushes. He listened to customers describe their specific cleaning problems, then designed and manufactured more effective, more durable brushes to solve them. Every product provided a service and enhanced the customer's quality of life.

Today Fuller's research and development team continues to be involved in creating the products and methods needed to tackle old and new tasks faster and more effectively. 301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently